Toronto’s Little Liar? Demand A Full Investigation!


A nasty little bint seeks publicity (and promotion of the ‘Islamophobia’ hogwash) by spinning a Toronto tale, all about how some mean guy cut her hijab.

Only drawback to this ripping yarn?

It was a pack of lies!


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A look at her backward, bag-head mom explains how badly this kid’s been brought up!

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But when her lies are exposed, instead of a trip to the woodshed, she gets back-up from The Turd!


Beelzebub. Father of Lies?


It would be easy to rail against The Turd, and against pathetic parenting and, of more general concern, against this primitive family’s exploitation of a wretchedly brought up child’s mendacity to promote the wearisome shariah-freak victimhood narrative!

But I’m tired!

Jakarta traffic today has worn me down.

So instead I offer my readers around the world an admirable article from the Toronto Sun!

Here’s a taster of the refreshingly healthy and normal Canadian sentiments contained therein.

…people are unfortunately assaulted daily in this country and the overly political response to this one implied that assaulting a girl in a hijab was somehow worse and more deserving of censure than assaulting one without… Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology


And better still, the key question is asked of Toronto Police.Gambar terkait

Khawlah Noman is an 11-year-old, so would not be charged. But what did her mother know? Watching the girl’s video statement again, the girl’s words look well-prepared. It must be asked, given what we now know: Was she coached?

Who will organise a petition to demand a full investigation?


Or would any such organiser face charges of ‘Islamophobia?’