Malta GC – Another Filthy Savage, Another Soft Sentence!

Older Brits may remember that Malta was awarded the George Cross for the islanders’ heroism in WW2.


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Now they face a new menace, one which is all too familiar to other European countries, a plague which only this morning EuroPravda, sorry, EuroNews, had some demented old bat from Queen’s University Belfast telling us that patriots should tone down their protests.



Here’s part of the report.

“Are you understanding me?” the magistrate repeatedly asked, addressing the man who stood sullenly in the dock…


No photo available, so we may imagine the foul fiend as we choose!


  • Eritrean-born Beyene Fessahatsion Weldeabzghi, the 26-year old offender currently living at a Birkirkara shelter, stood passively before the court as the prosecution pressed charges over the violent episode


This alien swine tried to indecently assault a woman at around 4.00pm in Main Street, St Julian’s.

A sound flogging and deportation would make sense, but a mere seven months is a joke!

And so is this nonsense.

The court placed Mr Weldeabzghi under a Treatment Order for the duration of that jail term, explaining that a social worker would help him while he was behind bars to help him get the help he needed to overcome his personal problems.


I have to pause in my outrage to say that whoever wrote that newspaper report shows a much more elegant command of the English language than most US or UK journos.

But do we really need to describe savages as ‘Mr.?’


But worse, the fact reported.

A social worker?


A Treatment Order?


This filthy savage does not need social work!

It needs to be worked over, daily.