From Oslo – More Daft Droning ‘Diversity’ Drivel!

Here’s a photo, from The Leftal…sorry, The Local…of Norway’s new coalition government.


  • Norway's new government criticised for lack of diversity


Perfectly normal-looking Norwegian men and women, right?


Or so whines a leftist agitator named Rune Berglund Steen, the funding of whose  Norwegian Centre Against Racism…

=Hasil gambar untuk Rune Berglund Steen, Norwegian Centre Against Racism


…is very hard to locate via the internet.

One has to wonder, if they are shy about where their funding comes from, do they, like so many so-called ‘Non-Government’ Organisations…



….have long greedy snouts deep in the public purse, grants galore from Brussels, Strasbourg and perhaps even that government in Oslo which they are currently railing against?

Is there a connection to the parasitic ENAR?

ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 


Or are creepy subversive Soros outfits, like the notorious Open Society network, a major source?.

Rune the Ranter – who has never been elected to represent anyone, as far as I can discover, except presumably his tax-funded ‘NGO’ comrades –  has criticised Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s newly-formed cabinet for failing to ‘reflect the population.’

This pinko nutjob does not seem to grasp that in democratic countries, governments ‘reflect’ the will of the population…

…because the ‘population’ comprised voters, who choose their candidates at the ballot box, on the basis of what those candidates and their parties purport to offer.

Probably, too, voters choose people whose character…

…and cultural identity they find attractive.

If the leftist loud-mouth had any notion of democratic government, he’d not have shown himself up with that arrogant criticism, which escalates into risibility with this further moan, viz.


…the lack of diversity represented a “democratic problem…”

No, dingbat, it doesn’t!

‘Diversity‘ and Democracy are not inter-related.

If the Norwegian electorate wanted to vote in such a way as to result in a Norwegian parliament, and therefore a Norwegian government, comprising only one-legged lesbian dwarves of  gypsy origin…

Hasil gambar untuk blank photo Sorry, Readers!

We are unable to retrieve any photos of one-legged lesbian dwarves, gypsy or otherwise!


  • ….then that’s what they’d get!

Instead they clearly voted overwhelmingly for perfectly normal-looking Norse folks, men and women…

Gambar terkait


…so it’s NOT for cultural marxist klutzes like Red Rune to say the people’s choice is somehow a ‘democratic problem.’ 

It gets sillier.

Among the 68 ministers and secretaries presented by Solberg as she unveiled the new government on Wednesday, only two appear to be of minority background…

Big bloody deal!

Again, if citizens desperately wanted individuals of alien origin to legislate on their behalf, they were free  to nominate and elect such folk.


BTW, the ranter’s rage must have been especially stoked by the fact that both the ‘minority’ members were of  European, though non-Norse, origin.


Gambar terkait

OMG, how utterly awful!

“This is a democratic problem. Those in power must reflect the general population and it is very serious that this is not the case in the extended government,” shrills the nutjob.

  You can read the whole story…Norway’s new government criticised for lack of diversity…but I leave it to the new ‘Education and Integration Minister,’ Jan Tore Sanner, to put the carping multicultist in his place.

=Gambar terkait

“Many things must be taken into consideration when a new government is formed. The most important is the policies that will be followed, regardless of which background one has.