Deep State Arrogance Exemplified On Aljazeerah

This is Graeme Bannerman, of something called ‘Bannerman Associates,’ but he used to work as a ‘Middle East analyst on US State Department Policy Planning Staff.

I’d never heard of him before but I had flicked over to Aljazeerah last night, to see if their editorial standards were as vile as they used to be…

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…and there he was, on a talk-show, skyping his views on President Trump’s cut-off of funding to the UN ‘refugee’ war-chest.

But it was what he had to say about the Deep State’s hostility to democratic control that kept me watching.


I didn’t note down Bannerman’s exact words, but essentially his message was this.



The State Department has its own way of doing things and it doesn’t like it at all when told things should be done some other way.


These are public servants we’re talking about. Servants are mere flunkeys who do what they’re told to do by their masters…


…and the master in their case is the elected government, aka Mr. Donald Trump.

Bannerman says they’re disheartened at not being allowed to carry on in their preferred way.




If so, they should quit and make way for loyal Americans who know who’s boss!