More Petitions? Yes, Get That OTHER Sinn Fein Rat Out

If you’re doing well, why stop?

We gave our full support to the petition demanding the departure from office of the Sinn Fein swine Barry McElduff.

Sinn Fein Scumbag ‘Suspended?’ Why NOT From A Rope? 


Now he’s gone!

But another cancerous growth needs to be excised from Ulster’s body politic!


O’Muilleoir must also resign please sign the petition below.

Please help by signing the new petition

Following the successful petition calling for the resignation of Barry McElduff for his sectarian tweet, a new petition calling for the resignation of Mairtin OMuilleoir has been launched and we need your support once again.


Belfast Lord Mayor Máirtín Ó Muilleoir welcoming participants of the 2013 Horasis Global India Business Meeting.jpg

Mairtin OMuilleoir re-tweeted Barry McElduffs vile sectarian video and in some respects his actions were even worse than those of McElduff.

McElduff claimed he did not mean to offend or hurt- he never did tell us what he was intending to do with his video.

Mairtin OMuilleoir however had plenty of time to realise exactly what he was doing and he still went ahead and re-tweeted it.

Michelle O’Neill reprimanded O’Muilleoir over his re-tweet of McElduffs video. She warned him to be more responsible on social media.

Michelle O’Neill in doing so has therefore admitted that he was in the wrong but O’Muilleoir hasn’t been punished at all for his actions   – not even a holiday on full pay!

This is not good enough!

He should be sacked or forced to resign just the same as McElduff – this is not going to go away until he resigns or is sacked; this is no way for an elected representative of any party to behave!

Had this been any Unionist politician, Gerry and Michelle would be jumping up and down and preaching about equality and sectarianism.

Gambar terkait

By failing to punish O’Muilleoir, Sinn Fein have been exposed to the whole world as bitter sectarian bigots!

Please support the innocent victims of Kingsmill by signing the new Petition! And don’t forget to share it.


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Thank you all for your help