Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments!

I do think my headline is a fairer reflection of what’s going on than this biased distortion below.

Hungarian and Polish NGOs urge EU funds against crackdown

  • Is it not ludicrous that so-called ‘NON’ Government Organisations are reported in the story below that headline to be holding out a beggars’ bowl for government funds?

  • No kidding!

  • We read on and find that what the media love to euphemise as ‘civil society groups’ are urging ‘the EU to set up a fund geared towards NGOs…?

  • Their arrogant demand for deep juicy tax-funded troughs to get their pinko snouts dug into certainly shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how slim is their support from the general public.

  • Genuine goodwill groups, what normal folks refer to as charities, fan out in the streets with collecting cans.

  • In contrast, these notorious outfits would more likely get tin cans and empty bottles hurled at them for their disgusting disloyalty to their own countries.

  • It’s not as if phoney ‘NGOs’ haven’t slurped enough largesse over the years from the public purse.

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

  • EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

  • NOW they’re shrilling for ‘the creation of a so-called “European Values Instrument” that would support civil society groups that are promoting democracy, human rights and rule of law.

  • Here’s Marta Pardavi of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, whining to the Strasbourg Slugs, the ‘European Parliament,’ from whose generosity to themselves…

  • A ‘House of Europe’ – Brussels Wastes More Millions! 

    Hasil gambar untuk european parliament tower of babel

    Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses! 

  • …she seeks to divert a war-chest for her own foul agenda.

  • ‘We should be putting our money where our mouth is!’


  • Hasil gambar untuk maria pardavi
  • Never an unreasonable sentiment, but Parasite Pardavi was not asking them to put THEIR money anywhere.

  • She wants them to grab more money from the defenceless working folk of each and every European country (including, Brits please note, the UK, until some British Government – it won’t be the current one – decides enough rip-offs are enough!)

  • To be fair to PP, she’s quite brazen about how her agitprop outfit gets sparse support from her fellow-citizens to wage her war on Hungarian values.

  • She said foreign funding has been the key in maintaining the independence of her organisation.’

  • But then her fellow-citizens don’t feature high on these subversives’ agenda, which partly focuses on protecting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees…

  • She doesn’t mention where else she gets her pocket-money, but we can guess!

  • In fact no need to guess!

  • =
  • =
  • Her gang has accepted Soros funding….

  • https://www.reuters.com/article/us-easteurope-soros-idUSKBN16U17Y.

  • BTW, how come PP and her comrades have their pinko knickers in a twist?
  • What dreadful despotic design has been hatched by Hungary’s patriotic government?
  • The report tells us!
  • It’s ‘new legislation targeting civil society groups that receive foreign – including European – funding, forcing them to label themselves as “supported from abroad.”
  • Which, as PP has openly boasted a few lines above, is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

  • And the truth hurts so much that PP is pledging lawlessness as her response!

  • Pardavi said her organisation would not comply with the new law.

  • PP  appears to have crossed the line into irrationality, for she proceeds to complain that after her declaration of intent to refuse to obey the law, the police, the interior ministry and other law enforcement organisations have ceased their contracts with the NGO…

  • No bloody wonder. Why would law enforcement collaborate with those boasting they’ll flout the law?

  • And here’s another leftist shriller, Malgorzata Szuleka, lawyer and researcher at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland…


She too admits that her pet political pressure groups were hardly ‘non-governmental’ at all, just parasitical leeches on government money.

She said NGOs used to rely on public financing, but with the government of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) in power those funds have dried up.

In other words, when Turncoat Tusk’s merry men held power in Poland, they made sure the leeches were sated, with other people’s cash.

Now the taps been turned off so the leeches are turning lachrymose. Poland’s pinko parasite spokeswoman laments that the new reformist government in Warsaw is shutting out the civil society from telling their opinion on draft laws.


Sounds like the creeps are getting plenty of platforms in the likes of EUObserver.

And I’ll bet a quick swing through Google for Szuleka and her Hungarian whiner comrade will show up plenty of media megaphones handed around by the in-crowd.

EUObs regretfully reports this renegade’s rant that ‘certain NGOs are on a “starvation diet” in Poland.’

Oh Yeah?

Let’s hope past gluttonies perpetrated against honest and unsuspecting Poles, whose cash was filched from their pockets by Tusk’s toe-rags, will not long sustain them.

And whilst I have no wish to seem sexist, there are no men quoted, so I must conclude with another example of the monstrous regiment of women included in the report I read from,

She bears the unusual name of Sophie in ‘t Veld…


Hasil gambar untuk Sophie in 't Veld


..described as a ‘liberal MEP,‘ but I figured there must be more to her than that!

And sure enough…

A Washington judge ruled in 2009 that the United States government does not need to explain to in ‘t Veld why she must undergo additional security checks each time she visits the US.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_in_%27t_Veld#Political_positions

It was Subversive Sophie who organised the ‘event,’ which seems to have excluded anyone ready to speak up against the parasitical rip-offs sought.

They could more honestly have advertised it as –

A Hogfest for Greedy Pro-Crimmigrant Shrills!