Eintracht? Scheiße! German Soccer Club Bans Patriots!


I guess you know what that German word means…’


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…but it now can just as easily be applied to a certain football club too!

Not only has the Frankfurt football club Eintracht declared war on patriots, moving to exclude members of the Alternative for Germany from the club, but their arrogance is such that they now seek to extend their witch-hunt across Germany.

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Eintracht Frankfurt hope to start movement by banning AfD members from club

The ugly face of the intolerance behind this discriminatory diktat is Peter Fischer, whose idea of diversity…


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“We have members from a variety of backgrounds. Eintracht is distinguished by its diversity…”

does NOT extend to a diversity of views, if those views are not in tune with his declared cosmopolitanism.

 “Sport in our club is not unpolitical. The club is politically neutral, but this only goes for political parties which have values that are compatible with ours.”


The new-look boot  in German soccer – reminiscent of  the Thirties?


So he’s just fine with the Red ‘Left Party,’ heirs to the quislings who kept East Germany enslaved for decades…



…, and with the pro-crimmigrant Greens?


Another German club, Hamburg SV, may also impose a similar anti-patriot exclusion order. The club’s executive committee is set to discuss a motion on the issue which was submitted last week.

AfD members at once hit back at the left-bigot Fischer,

“What kind of people are these who give a standing ovation to a speech full of hate and defamation against people with different political opinions?”

” I’ve seen such scenes in black and white films from the darkest period in our history,” said Dr. Malte Kaufmann, an AfD politician in Baden-Württemberg, on Twitter.


If the in-crowd in the club want to give Fuhrer Fischer a standing ovation, perhaps it’s time for the rank-and-file fans to give the rotten leftist a red card.

Good Germans should stay away in droves from Eintracht fixtures during coming seasons, until Fischer and his comrades are made to realise…

…they cannot subvert sporting principles to promote their ideological agenda.