Worboys The Beast – C’mon, Brits! Donate For Justice!

A week or two ago, we published this fairly unequivocal expression of opinion…

Worboys Deserves Death – Hardwick Deserves Dismissal! 

John Worboys.

John Worboys.

, and now you readers in the UK have a chance to do something about the case.

 There’s a crowd-funding campaign been started for a judicial review into the disgraceful plan to release the sex-fiend Worboys:

 http://www.crowdjustice. com/case/challenge-worboys- release 


You can read my previous post and reignite your indignation about how…

….or just go to the funding link and chip in a few bob or a few hundred quid, depending on your means!

The May Government’s so-called Justice Minister has bottled out of serving the interests of  justice. He won’t seek a judicial review, leaving the beast’s victims to seek help where they can.

Or read this extract from an excellent article written by a clergyman, a rare reverend who talks sense, for the Freedom Association, which sums up what many people think about what’s going on…



…and why people are outraged by Theresa May’s spineless government and its refusal to step in and act for fair play.  

“…the sorts of people who operate the Parole Board – like the sorts of people who get appointed to the Supreme Court or those members of the House of Lords who, only a fortnight ago, voted further to restrict press freedom – are not as other men.

  • They don’t think and act as we think and act. They are a privileged elite and they consider themselves to be in possession of finer moral sentiments than we ordinary mortals.

Shockingly, you and I can do nothing to oblige these tribunes of the people who are really the enemies of the people to come to their senses and change their minds and their policies.”  As Peter says in his article for us