Danes Get It Right – Burka Ban Hits Red Nazi Antifa Too!

Trust The Leftal, sorry The Local…

…to trivialise the burka ban coming before the Danish parliament by using a photo of some Danes wearing false leprechaun beards during a past St, Patrick’s Day event in Copenhagen.

Denmark's burka ban could also forbid masks and fake beards


Or rather NEVER trust that leftist pro-crimmigrant web-rag, because even in their report under the photo, they are forced to acknowledge that the ban – aimed at all “comprehensively masking items” – including masks, helmets and false beards – in its current draft form names scarves and hats in cold weather and costumes as exclusions from proscription.

So the leprechaun costume beards are totally irrelevant at best, or deliberately obfuscating the true nature of the ban, at worst.

What The Leftal does NOT mention is the obvious plus to the inclusion of masks – that the evil Red Nazi gang that calls itself ‘Antifa’ would be covered.


Hasil gambar untuk G20 black bloc violence



Their cowardly thuggery is, more often than not, waged from behind masks and balaclavas, so any such affront in future would render them liable to immediate arrest.

A pity that the penalties are not tougher thana fine of 1,000 kroner or up to three months in prison.

The arguments against the ban appear to be that there are not that many primitive bag-heads in Denmark, so why bother…


One example surely suffices!


…..while a former Venstre (Liberal) Party minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, claims that ‘banning specific items of clothing is against fundamental liberal values!’


Hasil gambar untuk eva kjer hansen


Ms. Hansen is entitled to her opinion, but most sensible people have surely had more than enough of ‘liberal values,’ which are what has got the Western world into the mess it’s in.

Nor can I see how having these pathetic creatures flaunting their backward mentality in the streets of a civilised country accords with ‘liberal values.’

Their appearance is grossly offensive to normal people, especially, I’d suggest, normal women, since it clearly affirms the second-class status of the wearers, toddling along behind men who feel free to dress like people. .

It will go before parliament in due course.

Fingers crossed it passes.