Grid Girls OK! Tell Formula 1 Fatheads – ‘Bring ‘Em Back!’

Formula One says it is ending the practice of using “grid girls” and “podium girls” at races. F1 managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches says the use of the women on the grid is clearly “at odds with modern day societal norms.”

F1 to end long-standing practice of using ‘grid girls

What the heck does THAT mean?

Who ( apart from pinko creeps on the Guardian staff and retards in polytechnic sociology departments) uses hogwash vocabulary like societal norms?

Here are a few examples of ‘grid girls’ ( I had often seen these lasses but never knew they were called ‘grid girls’ till now!) from various media…


Gambar terkait


Gambar terkait


…and I defy anyone to explain in plain English why they are out of place anywhere or at odds with what normal guys like to see at events.

As for women attending such occasions, surely only the pot-ugliest would have any objections, so why kowtow to pathetic envy?

What the Formula 1 fatheads are doing is not bowing to societal norms but trying to undermine societal norms!

Normal people have NO complaints about the presence of lovely ladies dressed to impress!

Protest. .

.   _