New Eurocrat Wheeze – Impose Aliens On Rural England?

I’m busy today, happily busy, with a most welcome visitor OTW to my humble home…

…so no time nor even inclination to write much.

I will simply quote you a few words from a media report on the latest demonic grand design to emerge from the focus of evil on the European continent…



…which recommends ending social housing supply in “segregated” areas with high numbers of migrants and…WAIT FOR IT

….encouraging more asylum seekers to live in the countryside.


All together now – ‘On England’s pleasant pastures…’


Truly, that will help the tourist trade SO much!

The link below sums up the sheer malignance that, time after time, characterises the Brussels Empire.

Eurocrats set to use cash from taxpayers to pay migrants‘ rent


No wonder UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock told The Sun: “Simply put, not a penny of British taxpayers’ money should be spent on these projects.

What do Brits make of THAT?

I’ll check out my comments column much later today, but for now…


Have a lovely day!