‘Quite Frighteningly, He’s Getting Good!’ BBC ‘Expert’ On Trump

Well, my visitor has gone home and I am catching up on the blogging and the BBC today, as often, needs a clip on the ear.



That quote above in my headline was the ever-so-impartial appraisal offered on Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech by yet another of those BBC ‘guests’ brought in by Britain’s left-infested state broadcasting outfit.

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How much money – the UK tax-payers’ money, BTW – did they lash out on a ‘body-language’ expert?

Whether or not the President of the USA is ‘getting good’ or not is a matter of opinion – though the explicit implication of the assertion is that he was previously ‘bad.’



But it’s not the verb or the adjective that’s noteworthy. What about that adverb?


What’s ‘frightening’ about improvement?



….the pinko creeps who run the media concerned are in a state of fear that the President is ever more effectively overcoming the bias and bigotry their hack ‘journalism’ seeks to impose on the viewing public.