TV Does What Turdo Won’t – Consult On Anthem Change!

After our piece yesterday on how Turdo’s gang in the Canadian Senate voted to change the National Anthem to suit Pretty Boy Justin’s own ‘gender-neutral’ inclinations…

And Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever! 

..we are pleased to see that at least somebody cares about the mutilation of the song.

QUICK POLL – FEB. 01, 2018

Do you agree with changing Canada’s National Anthem to make it gender-neutral?

Thanks for your vote

433 (15 %)
2366 (85 %)

Total number of votes: 2799

CTV are running a poll on the alteration, and it’s got something like 85% against!

Have your say here –  – even if the elitist degenerates in Ottawa won’t countenance democratic participation in their diktat.