Foul-Mouth Minchin's Hate-Speech Embarrasses Himself And Oz!

“I know I don’t understand the subtleties of politics – obviously – but just get a fucking leader who can say the right shit…’

Sorry about that!

Sorry too for the hate-speech Minchi directs against America…

 “Fuck it’s awful living there with Trump. I’m so glad I’m fucking out of that fucking country….”

…but blame the editor of the far-left Guardian, who does not, as I try to, insert a dash, like this ” – ”  in place of the ‘u‘ and the ‘i‘ when those words crop up!

Better still, blame the moronic Tim Minchin, whom the Guardian claims is a ‘polymath…’



…but who seemingly cannot express himself without sinking to a level of toilet talk that might embarrass a drunken down-and-out.

Lots of men, including me, often swear, when we’re having a beer in a bar – sadly, an increasing number of women do so too! –  but if I were being interviewed by the media, a sense of propriety would preclude obscene language.

Clearly not, in Mucky-Mouth Minchin’s case!

Yet what’s so laughably pathetic is his simultaneous lament over a “dearth of intellectualism…


That particular whine from Mucky-Mouth is directed at leaders of the Western world!

         Tim Minchin singing.jpg

 I’m no fan of Malcolm Turnbull but I can see why the Australian Prime Minister has never used the speech which Minchin  ( unasked! ) claims he wrote for him.

The clown (Minchin, not Turnbull!) plainly has no small opinion of himself!

Perhaps the unused speech resembled his F-word-laced responses to Steph Harmon, the Guardian hackette interviewing him.

His relentless determination to subject her to vile Tourette’s Syndrome ramblings…

– Steph Harmon

…does make you think he really has no respect whatsoever for women!

But I suspect that, working in a far-left environment, poor Steph is no stranger to reprehensible ranting.

The good news is that his time in the USA seems to have been far from a commercial success.

That could be why he’s lost whatever ability he may once had to talk like a civilised human being.