PDC Grimnasties V Pretty Darts Girls – Take A Stand!

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Walk on girls in darts has been traditional for years and so many things in this world that was tradition has been scrapped well this is one that should not be scrapped not only would we break tradition but women would be out of work also…


Not my words above, but the intro to a petition against the victimisation of women by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

I must declare an interest. When living in a small English town, I was a member of my local pub darts team. There were two teams, men’s and ladies’ (NB, not “women’s” !!!)

It was fun, once a week, home and away games with other pubs, no significant skill, on my part, but much beer and laughter.

Hence I take exception to rich suits meddling with a game savoured by us ordinary folks.

The PDC’s spiteful and indefensible move closely resembles that shown by those Formula 1 fatheads whom we deplored earlier this week.

Grid Girls OK! Tell Formula 1 Fatheads – ‘Bring ‘Em Back!’ 

No sooner had the F1 scandal hit the headlines than the same sort of PC prigs, this time in the PDC, announced they were axing the lovely girls who have long been a popular feature of TV darts..




I don’t know if our fans back in The Old Country got themselves organised to fight Formula 1’s jack-booting of those girls in obeisance to….to what, exactly, diversity?

By removing women from the show…? Hardly.

The PDC are self-righteous Cromwellian killjoys!

But the darts fans are fighting back. The petition above is alive and kicking, so please sign it and kick the censorious sickos in the teeth.

PS -here’s a very good article from spiked.com which really talks you through the issue – http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/why-the-pc-brigade-loathes-darts/