Toronto’s Little Liar – Did Anti-Hoax Protests Get Fair Coverage?

As far as we know, Toronto Police are STILL failing in their duty even to discuss bringing charges against the primitive bag-head whose child lied her little head off about the ‘scarf-atrocity’ that never happened.

Toronto’s Little Liar? Demand A Full Investigation! 

The nationwide furore was exploited quite shamelessly by Turdo and Co., as well as by the media, and incredibly Turdo continued to exploit it after the brat’s lies were was exposed.

Numerous protests against her smear on ‘Asians’ have been held. I’m curious – did the real Canadians protesting get as much coverage as the lying bag-head?

Ezra Levant, the most honest media man in Canada, is not content to let the scandal be shuffled into the shadows.

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Gambar terkait

They did not correct the record. They did not apologize to Chinese Canadians for spreading the lies.

Now, Chinese-Canadians have been organizing protests across the province. This past weekend Sheila Gunn Reid and David Menzies reported on the protests in Edmonton and Toronto. 

You can watch their video reports of the protests, here


Ezra, quoted in our previous post, observed that –

The girl’s niqab-wearing mother, Saima Samad, told police that an assault had been committed, when it had not. She misleads the world, she misled the media and politicians, and the school board. That’s corrupt, that’s unethical, that’s lying. But it’s not illegal.

What is illegal is lying to the police to get them to start an investigation.

In his latest bulletin, Ezra points out that Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, and the CBC should correct their mistakes and admit they were wrong. 

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