EUSSR’s New Crimmigrant Con WON’T Save Italy!

This latest news predated the brutal murder of Pamela and the arrest of an undeported illegal……but is nevertheless relevant, in view of the way it’s been handled by the media.



Italian newspapers suggested on Thursday that migrants would be taken to the “closest port…”

I’m no expert on the Italian press but it’s a fair guess that much of the media there is no better than the pinko propaganda outlets…


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….often mentioned in our blog, like CNN, BBC, France24 and Germany’s DW.

So either they were deliberately misleading the Italian people or they’d been fed lies by their Europhiliac leftist government.

Because next thing, we hear that, instead of dumping the crimmigrants back where they sailed from…

“No rescued migrants will be taken to non-EU countries, like Libya or Tunisia,” said Izabella Cooper, a spokeswoman for Frontex.

In other words, Frontex is doing ZILCH to protect Europe. Instead, it’s facilitating illegal incursions. 

No respite, then, for the tormented citizens of Italy…

…or those other European countries inundated by undesirable aliens.

What the above is all about is a sly scheme dreamed up by the EUSSR to take the heat of that leftist regime in Rome. 

They’ve decreed that not every crimmigrant cargo has to be unloaded on Italian shores, but can be taken to other ports within the Evil Empire, maybe in little Malta…

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…which already has more than it can handle.   

This manoeuvre is mere camouflage – the new rule is unlikely have a large impact on arrivals – just a political dirty trick by the Euro-Commissars.



They are desperate to sustain their satraps in the imminent Italian election, against the threat of patriotic parties clamouring for an end to the alien tsunami…



….as indeed the report recognises.

…a popular backlash is building ahead of a March 4 national election, and the center-left government is under pressure to show it has the situation in hand…

One must hope that the current crop of cultural marxists, Red Renzi and all those who, like him,  lack any sense of national pride…


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…will be turfed out, in spite of Frontex’s latest cheap conjuring trick.