Violence? Blame UK/France Treaty, Not Calais Thugs!

As Calais’ decent citizens reel in shock at the bloodthirsty crimmigrants’ latest violence…

Hurry Along, Amber, Bring The Hoodlums To Britain! 

…trust the pinko media to find any reason but the obvious for the increasingly dangerous situation.

Migrants and charities blamed the rapid increase on a recent border treaty between France and the UK, which raised “false hopes..”


Gambar kisah untuk migrants dari The Guardian

So yesterday Aljazeera…

Al Jazeera Pumps Out Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda! 

…and now the Guardian, the Enemy Within media letting no-goods lay the blame for violence committed by lying phoney ‘refugees…’



….who are free anytime to apply for ‘asylum’ in France but won’t, because they want to dig their hoggish snouts into the UK public purse – on the British and the French!

Not to say May’s appeasement didn’t exacerbate the problem!

A deal to speed refugee processing has resulted in a 25% rise in arrivals at the port –

Thanks, Theresa! Next time, make a deal to SLOW DOWN ‘refugee processing’  – logically that’ll mean a DROP in arrivals at the port.

But that deal, any deal, would have no impact on violence if the scumbags prowling the French city were civilised human beings.

Nevertheless, the Guardian hack hands one illegal alien after another a megaphone through which shrilly to whine…

….against countries where they’ve no right to be  – migrants said that the treaty had provoked frustration among desperate individuals – and even against each other, as in this accusation hurled at the gun-toting Afghan gangs.

“They don’t allow any black people to go there,” said Abdul Wadood, 24, from Khartoum…

Couldn’t possibly be, could it, that the violence, hardly new – it’s long been a crimmigrant characteristic – is down to the fact that these barbarous alien brutes are exactly that  – barbarous alien brutes, whose presence and conditions in Calais are entirely their own doing.

Easy answer to the problem?