Curried Toad? Victory To Germany’s Red Millennials!

Merkel calls for end to talks on new government as power ebbs away

As power ebbs away…

What a delicious tang to those words, which come from a headline two weeks ago!

On Monday this week, the news was that Mama Stasi and the Socialist Schulz had yet again extended the time-limit for their haggling.

How are the mighty fallen?

Noch nicht! Not yet!

A new deal has been hatched, announced today, the two parties which took a hammering in the elections ready to collaborate in a new pro-crimmigrant coalition.

But all is not lost, thanks to the fanatic left in Schulz’s SPD, their youth wing, the Jungsozialisten (JuSos) millennials…

Gambar terkait

 ‘Sozialistisch. Feministisch. Internationalistisch,’ as they themselves say – no need for translation!’

…busily recruiting as many Un-German extremists as they can, quite possibly including many of the nti-police ‘students’ we wrote about in our previous post  –

“North African Appearance, Hoodie, Spoke With Accent.” 

–  just twenty minutes ago!.

They hope to use the final vote of the entire party membership to veto any collaborationist coalition deal.

Gambar terkait

It’s incredible, this ‘Red Jugend’ determination to be even softer on the crimmigrant horde plaguing Germany, even though Merkel has already shifted her ground even further to meet their demands.

But we must wish them well, albeit that feels a bit like eating curried toad!


Gambar terkait=

Thing is, if the JuSos get their way, then chances are the Berlin Bitch will be forced back to the polls, to the benefit of neither of the party leaders eager to get back into power.

Because we read not long ago in The Leftal, sorry, The Local that…

Polls this week showed support for the SPD plunging to a record low of 18 percentage points, while Merkel’s conservative alliance scored 31.5 percent — both apparently losing ground from September.

And from Politico, we are further buoyed by this…

If there were an election today, the SPD would receive 18 percent of the vote while the AfD would receive 14, according to an INSA poll published Tuesday.

And as far as we can tell, the AfD patriots are edging ever upwards!


Gambar terkait


If Mama’s malignant regime falls, then the prospects of the Alternative for Germany are bright. Paradoxically, this now depends on those callow crimmigrant-fans screwing up the in-crowd!

But thereafter?

Then it will be up to the German people at the ballot box.