Yee-Haw! Texas Parents V Gaystapo! Another Round!

We covered this story late last year…

Heart-Warming! Heroic Texans V Gaystapo Brain-Wash! 

….so we are continuing the saga, a battle by pro-decency parents in the Lone Star Sate against a leftist library board that’s been aiding and abetting the gaystapo’s indoctrination agenda.

No need for any comments from me. I give you the intro…On Jan. 30, over 50 local pro-family citizens stormed into the Temple Library Board of Directors meeting. They came to express their outrage over last summer’s LGBT public library display which targeted children with psychologically intrusive homosexual propaganda. But more importantly, they were there to make sure the Board’s upcoming “guidelines” for future library displays are written properly.

…and the link… 

…sent out by the admirable Mass Resistance movement.

Read it, please, and be prepared to defend your own kids against decadence with as much determination!