And In Costa Rica, Another Good Example!

Still looking at Latin America, after our perusal of Colombia in our previous post!

…Fabricio Alvarado Munoz is backed by 57.35 percent of the vote, while former center-left minister Carlos Alvarado Quesada has backing of 42.65 percent…

Evangelical Holds Double-Digit Lead Ahead of Costa Rica Election …

The report, offering news of a poll in Costa Rica, tells us that Fabricio is the candidate of the  National Restoration Party (PRN) and that homo-weddings were one of his key issues – he’s strongly opposed.


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But there’s more to it than that.

The obvious solution to that issue – a proper democratic referendum – would be simple to arrange, giving Costa Ricans the opportunity denied Americans, Canadians and Brits to decide what sort of country they want to live in.

But an arrogant alien court has seized power and issued a diktat, and that’s what’s riled up the people.


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After the ‘Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ decree declared international law required governments to recognize so-called ‘gay rights…’



…Fabricio denounced the diktat as a violation of Costa Rica’s sovereignty, and he threatened to pull the country out of the court if he is elected.

This ‘Inter-American Court’ has no democratic mandate and is in fact as anti-democratic as its notorious European counterparts, the ECHR and the ECJ.


Brexit Legal Forum? Good Idea! 

Unelected rogue judges bossing elected governments about need to be told to shove it…

... and one can only wish there were some similarly promising candidates in various European elections, ready to defend both decency and democracy.