Torrents Of Tears! London Love Story 3

It IS the rainy season here in Indonesia…

  • …so I suppose we might have expected torrents of tears in the finally released ‘London Love Story 3’ which was meant to be in Jakarta cinemas last week but actually appeared on the 8th February.


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A woe-packed tale of young Indonesian love, with only a little bit of it actually set in London, most of the ‘action,’ was filmed in Bali, where a devastating accident occurs, leaving the beautiful Caramel ( yes, Caramel!) played by Michelle Ziudith, unable to stand up, never mind walk about.

This results in tensions between her and her betrothed, Dave (Dimas Anggara) which…

Okay, go and see it if you want to know how it turns out!


But already most of you are asking why I went to see it  – – since my known film preferences are for films about good guys shooting communists or jihadists.

Thing is, one cannot be selfish; my co-viewer last night was – and always will be! – addicted to the Indonesian sinetron (‘soap’) genre.

So no snipers for me this weekend! However, the movie was not without it’s entertaining side!

I laughed out loud when Caramel’s fiance told the hospital administrator that he didn’t want the highly-skilled surgeon ( Derby Romero) to operate on the crippled lovely…


….because he was known to be a party-animal who enjoyed a drink!

But fear not, it all works out…

PS  -Michelle is very attractive, yet it has to be said that, personally, I found Irena Librawati…


…who plays her Mum, to be rather fetching!

But then I’m a mature fellow myself!