No, Reuters Rotters! Crimmigrants CAN Be Deported!

Who on earth runs Reuters?

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One has to ask, since they are now deliberately dressing up disinformation as ‘news!’

Take the latest negative reporting about the Italian patriot parties’ pledge to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants if they win the March 4 parliamentary election!

Some Reuters clown named Steve Scherer at once inserts his left-liberal bias…


Steve Scherer

Making a joke of the horrible reality? Scherer


…by claiming that’s a promise that may win votes but will be hard to keep.

In fact, that claim is turned into the headline, as if it is indisputable, rather than a desperate leftist rant.

Italian right’s election promise to deport migrants will be hard to keep



For sure it will win votes, especially since the current government has refused to give Italians a vote, no referendum on the crimmigrant tsunami which has unleashed hell on decent folk, this year…

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Nigerian charged over dismembered teen in previous years.

No wonder surveys show Italians are increasingly uneasy after more than 600,000 migrants reached Italian shores by boat in four years.

And Sylvio Berlusconi has offered action!

“These 600,000 people, we will pick them up using police, law enforcement and the military… everyone can help identify them by pointing them out, and they will be picked up.”

“Then we’ll use state ships and airplanes to take them back to their countries of origin,” he said. 

His ally, Lega Nord’s Matteo Salvini may be over-optimistic to say the illegals would be rounded up and sent home “in 15 minutes” if the good guys win…

But the plan makes sense!

We have called for this kind of positive, practical proposal often enough…


‘Calais is a well-equipped port – why not use it to load them onto containers for deportation?’ Sobieski 1683, Kaczinski 2015 – Can Poland Rescue Europe Once Again? 


….and it’s damn good to hear it from patriot leaders within reach of power in Italy.

But then we are forced by Reuters to listen to the nay-sayers!

…the reality is that deportations are expensive, time consuming and complex.

Oh yeah? Who says? Says the ‘objective, impartial’ Reuters ratbag.

It would take years to repatriate those irregular migrants already living in Italy…

That’s printed with no quotation marks, as if it’s a fact, but in fact, it’s a prelude to a supranational flunkey named  Flavio Di Giacomo, of the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration.

“For many years people have been saying more irregular migrants should be sent home, but in fact it has not been possible.”

Of course it’s been possible, but Red Renzi’s regime subverted its enactment…


….by decriminalising illegal immigration, nor have his successors  made any serious efforts.

Even this biased report admits that Interior Minister Marco Minniti, who said he wanted to increase expulsions, only kicked out 6,500 crimmigrants last year, a mere 1300 more than the previous year.

As for Minitti’s true agenda?

Red Minitti Drops Mask – Italy Faces Fresh Alien Influx! 

Reuters hauls another defeatist, Luigi Manconi, of Renzi’s ‘Democratic Party’ on to crush Italian hopes.


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“If we wanted to repatriate 600,000 irregular migrants, and we could send 200 per working day, it would take more than 15 years,”

Manconi’s far-left credentials are clear – in March he’s being promoted-  to take charge of the country’s anti-racism office.



And a man who ignores the facts if they don’t suit him.

Because here’s a headline we used not long ago.

Where There’s A Will…20,000 Going Back Inside 6 Weeks! 

So it’s ENTIRELY possible, even without mobilising all the resources at the Italian state’s disposal, to rid the land of the crimmigrant plague a LOT faster than the Left would have us believe.

By pure coincidence, France24’s ‘Debate’ on Friday had, as one of their guests, a certain Luke Baker.

Never heard of him?

He’s Reuters’ Paris Bureau Chief, and a leftist and a total political ignoramus.

As is the way of things on that so-called ‘Debate,’ it was a song of praise, more or less, for Mama Stasi Merkel’s subversive ‘migrant’ policy.

Lefty Luke weighed in, to side-swipe the patriot government’s in Warsaw and Budapest…

‘The rhetoric that’s coming out of Poland and Hungary is not what anybody wants to hear.’


Safety-conscious statesmen in those countries have taken a stand against the alien horde.

Not, indeed, what some Reuters hack like Baker ‘wants to hear.

BUT, since those leaders were democratically elected, very clearly what their PEOPLE want to hear.

Baker evidently excludes the electorate from his definition of anybody.

As well as millions of other Europeans who hope and pray that they too will sooner or later get similarly responsible leadership!