Fatuous Francis! The Dope Insults EVERYONE’S Intelligence!

Pope condemns migrant sex-assaults on innocent Italians



Now wouldn’t that just be the truliest shocking headline? Don’t hold yer breath!

Instead, let’s all be shocked by this!

Pope condemns media denigration of migrants



And that swine in the Vatican is skilful in that satanic art!

As indeed are a lot of the media, like that which I’m quoting, because they wind up their uncritical reporting of the Argie SOB’s outlandish bleating with this supportive rubbish, which surely disqualifies the hack who wrote it as a serious journalist with any sense of what’s news and what’s news!

Whereas the Macerata killing and its alleged connection to migrants has hit the headlines, other similarly sordid incidents ascribed to Italian perpetrators have generally received less widespread attention.


Of course they have, you tool!

Few can blame even the most heinous rapes perpetrated by Italians on government failure to carry out its basic duty.

The Nigerian accused in the Macerata case was an alien who had been issued a DEPORTATION ORDER, which that government had shamefully not shown ANY interest in implementing.

Only very stupid or very wicked people would try to pretend that’s not news, far more in the public’s interest to know about than crimes committed by people whose presence in the country could NOT have been prevented!

I don’t know about the AFP reporters and editors, but…

Francis is not stupid.