A Violent Red Nazi Assault On A Lovely Patriot Lady!

The political and moral bankruptcy of the Red Nazi Antifa gangster groups has rarely been demonstrated so vividly as last week in Italy.

Even The Leftal, sorry, The Local, had to report the cowardly communist assault on Giorgia Meloni.



The classy gal who leads Fratelli d’Italia, the smallest of the three parties in Berlusconi’s alliance and whose stirring anti-crimmigrant rhetoric we’ve covered more than once…


Gambar terkait

Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

was harassed on the campaign trail on the Tuscan coast on Tuesday.

The disgraceful display occurred in Livorno – often, and inexplicably, called Leghorn by English geographers. There’s a video clip of the Italian heroine courageously keeping her cool despite being menaced by a vicious, ranting leftist mob.

Gambar terkait


Just compare the pretty patriot lady’s chirpy demeanour with the snarling, scruffy louts behind police lines.


The marxist hoodlums ‘spat at the party leader and one person threw a bottle, striking her on the face.’ 


Yes, it was a plastic bottle, but that’s a serious missile if it’s full of water and can do real damage!

Any doubts about the thugs’ political allegiance are instantly dispelled when they break into a hate-filled chorus of Bandiera Rossa (the Red Flag)

I speak almost no Italian , but recognised it from my university days(not in Italy!) when our far-left opponents used to sing it during their aggressive manifestations.  Then too the Reds were indifferent to free debate, and liked to throw their weight about.

That made a lot of my fellow-students realise how little marxism had to offer.

  • One hopes Italian voters will reach the same conclusion, and ensure that Ms. Meloni gets a useful ministerial post in the next Italian government!