Bermuda Re-Embraces Decency! May’s Minion ‘Disappointed!’

 Foreign Office minister Harriett Baldwin has said as much, saying she was ‘disappointed’ by the decision.


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Pro-Perv Baldwin

(And she is an interesting politician…A Conservative MP who attempted to expense a £50 charity donation has had her request refused by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority…Harriett Baldwin: promoted Tory minister attempted to expense £50 …

What was this cultural marxist ‘Conservative’ whining about?

We were hopeful of such a good result and predicted it late last year…

Bravo, Bermuda – Homo-Weddings No More! 

… but with the pro-pervert May in power in the Mother Country…


Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

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May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

…there was always the risk of neo-colonialism rearing its ugly head, as has happened in other countries where the natives retain a taste for decency.

End Obamanoid Neo-Colonialism In The Caribbean! 

…and not just on the perversion issue!

UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

But despite May’s vile minion and strident Leftist extremists at Westminster, like  Chris Bryant, an openly gay legislator and former United Kingdom Overseas Territories Minister at Britain’s Foreign Office…

Gay MP says Bermuda’s ban on same-sex marriage..

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Ain’t he sweet?  Uh, NO!


…who wanted to stomp democracy in that lovely island, where very many years ago an ocean liner once docked, affording me the chance to gaze in awe at the crystal clear blue waters and the peaceful port beyond, the Foreign Office shrank from interfering.


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Although it has a British Governor-General, Bermuda is constitutionally entitled to run its domestic affairs.  Indeed, that link above explains it has had a parliament since the 17th century. It has free elections, and on the issue of gay marriage even held a referendum.

Any intrusion would be an outrageous throw-back to ‘white power!’ 

Moreover, the Bermudans could mock the arrogance of any pro-queer meddling…

…after May, infamous for her appeasement u-turn on the gaystapo agenda, collaborated with Cameron to block any referendum among the citizens of the UK.