“It Ain’t Me, Babe!” Liar Juncker Blames Smart Swiss!

“…I have always noticed on holidays that when I met Swiss people, they have dim view of me….”




“I think the Swiss government and the Swiss media have projected an image of me that in no way corresponds with reality…”

Poor Liar Juncker, who let slip years ago that he lies without conscience. He was this week talking about on-going talks with the Swiss Government and blaming them for everything.

The Swiss, of course, must be anathema to Brussels and all its authoritarian denizens, because of their democratic constitution. Citizens there have the right to hold their leaders to account, by referenda.

What must Liar Juncker think of that?


Well, he’s told us!

PS – Speaking of liars, however, that Luxemburg louse has no monopoly on mendacity…

Theresa May and Michel Barnier fooled British public to hide ‘REAL’ £90billion Brexit bill, EU chiefs claim

Negotiators allegedly performed ‘maths acrobatics’ to produce a total amount that is less than half the true total – so as not to undermine the PM’s authority.


… or so it seems. according to that link provided by Brexit At Noon.