Wow! The Leftal Gets It Right On Illegals, Briefly!

Spain’s human rights ombudsman hit out Thursday at the often “cruel” treatment meted out to illegal immigrants, saying the system had to be changed.



Another un-elected sticky-beak (although he used to be elected, as a far-left socialist MP!) demanding elected representatives do his bidding?

One’s instinctive response to The Leftal, sorry, The Local’s report on another bleeding-heart whining on behalf of crimmigrants is surely…




If undesirable aliens gatecrash somebody else’s country, then the lawless swine have no right to complain if they don’t like their welcome!

But hold on just a goldarn minute!

The Leftal forgot to use their usual disinformational tactic – the illegals are not described as ‘irregular’ or ‘undocumented’ or just uncategorised ‘migrants!’

The Local has unusually admitted these aliens are ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!’



A giant step for mainstream media-kind!

Nor are the aliens concerned guilty only of violation of Spain’s sovereign frontiers.

The report actually seems to try to make a martyr of a trouble-maker who suicided after being put in solitary confinement, even though The Local admits that the illegal Algerian was identified by Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido as among 12 people who stirred up a “mutiny…”

Read here about the riot that crimmigrant started.

And all he got was solitary confinement for a mere 16 hours? They should have dropped him back in the Algerian desert, with or without a parachute!

And there was a PUBLIC UPROAR?

Orchestrated by ‘NGO‘s, leftist politicians and the Enemy Within media, I’ll bet.

The sticky-beak in the headline sticks well and truly to the pro-crimmigrant propaganda script, telling Spaniards how ‘cruel’ they are to people who are only seeking a better life..”

Gambar terkait

More than 1,000 migrants storm border at Spain’s Ceuta

Five Spanish policemen and 50 members of the Moroccan forces were injured, including one who lost an eye


Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants


Yes, like those who brutally inflicted a better life on the border guard who lost his eye?

Tucked Away – News From Europe’s 2nd ( Or 3rd?) Front 

Okay, if Senor Ombudsman Francisco Fernandez Marugan is so fretty about the “major deficiencies” at police stations, reception and detention centres…


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The ‘independent’ ombudsman just happens to be a veteran politician for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE)


then urge the government to put the issue to the appropriate decision-makers.

Give the people of Spain a proper democratic consultation on the standard of accommodation available to uninvited aliens.

Let the electorate choose from a menu – five-star hotels all the way down to dungeons  – and once Spaniards have spoken, pipe down, pinko!