Tell CPAC-“Don’t Crawl To Gaystapo!” 202-347-9388 -Tell ‘Em Off!

Like the Republican Party in general, the Conservative Political Action Conference has been infiltrated by gaystapo Enemies Within.



That’s the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the CPAC exclusion of one of the most active and effective pro-decency organisations in America…


Pro-family activism that makes a difference!


I try not to be dragged into internal squabbles among conservatives, as my view is that with so many powerful plutocratic foes to fight…



…, the good guys and gals have to stick together!

But this is no squabble.

This is a witch-hunt mounted by sell-outs in the upper levels of CPAC, most notably a spineless creepoid named Schneider, who says he feels ‘uncomfortable’ when the gaystapo agenda is challenged.



Yet he makes no move against ‘Republican’ homo-lobbies like the so-called ‘Log Cabin’ clique!

Read the the whole story of the dirty, devious manoeuvres by the self-styled “America’s premier conservative voice…”  .

Then phone the creeps and tell them what you think of their craven crawling to the vilest elements in the land.

CPAC’s main phone number is: 202-347-9388