Another Dose Of Guardian Imbecility! From Guess Who?

Let’s celebrate all migrants, not just the exceptional few

My initial impulse was just to put a few pictures of ‘migrants’ that we have used previously…




  • …then leave it to you if we should ‘celebrate all migrants.’

  • The Guardian piece is the work of a Sudanese bint we have had cause to deplore before, the ineffable Nesrine Malik, who, since she comes from Sudan and now lives in the UK, is herself a migrant…



….but at no point does she do the honourable thing and declare an interest, in this demand that she, like the charming gents in our photos, deserves to be ‘celebrated.’

Indeed, how dare she say “we,” as she does, as if she is part of British society, rather than an unpleasant imported growth.

Maybe she’d challenge my use of the pictures, because they are migrants in other civilised countries, not in Britain, but they may well be OTW to UK!

After all, the savages in Calais are there for precisely that reason, intent on illegally crossing the Channel, and I wonder if Nesrine would ‘celebrate’ an opportunity to spend time with them.

Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   

  • Migrant mob smashed Calais trucker over head with brick

  • Eritrean Migrant Gang Bound for UK Face Manslaughter Charges

    Calais Cleaned Up? So Who Snarled- ‘I’ll F—ing Kill You!’ 

  • How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

  • But what made me decide to go on a bit about her rubbish was her mention of Huguenots as an example of migrants who benefited Britain.

  • So they did – and here I declare an interest, as my great5-or-6-grandfather was a Huguenot, fleeing  persecution by the French Catholic King…

  • =
  • =
  • …but what Huguenots DIDN’T do was demand the British people change British laws to make life cushy, or demand protection from criticism, or demand schools change dinner menus to suit their tastes, or…

  • They made no demands, just delighted in being in Britain – they weren’t arrogant ingrates, in other words.

  • ——-
  • They were grateful for being on British soil, under the protection of the British kings to whom they were loyal…unlike Guess Who?

  • The Huguenots learned English ASAP and within a generation or two were indistinguishable from their neighbours.

  • I mention ‘generations’ because Nasty Nesrine makes a point of talking not just about migrants but about ‘migrants and their descendants.

  • Aaah, yes, like these?


    Rotherham’s Rats Rousted Out – But the Root of the Matter?

    Or these?

  • oxford pigs

    Oxford’s Grooming Swine – Abattoir Required! 

  • Are those included among ALL the migrants and their descendants Nesrine wants us to ‘celebrate?’

  • ==
  • ==
  • At no point does she show any sign of distinguishing between legal and illegal migrants, and I rather think she doesn’t give a damn if crimmigrants swarm in.

  •  Certainly, she brazenly resented serious investigation of the Grenfell episode when it touched on the issue.

  • ‘…she actually criticises more responsible parts of the media for digging up details on how the fire may have started……with pictures of, and unnecessary detail about, an “Ethiopian taxi driver” in whose flat it alleges the fire started.

  • Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

  • Okay, enough for tonight. I don’t know what facts emerged about that ‘Ethiopian taxi-driver,’ but for sure, there’s at least one migrant, a Sudanese ingrate scribbler, by whose deportation Britain would be a notably nicer place.