Don’t Sit Back! Counter-Attack! Boycott Centre Parcs

Maybe it’s because I haven’t lived in the UK for approximately two decades, but I have never heard of the family holiday village operator Center Parcs.


Nor do I ever wish to make its acquaintance, after reading why they have stopped advertising in the Daily Mail.

Why did they?

Because a columnist told readers not to consider same-sex parents as “the new normal.”

OMG! This is truly ‘HATE SPEECH,’ is it not? Well, of course it’s not, not to decent human beings.

But it is, to a gang of far-left fanatics called ‘Stop Funding Hate….’



….which regularly gets its pink knickers in a twist about what it views as, so the fellow-travelling Guardian puts it, divisive content in the Daily Mail.

And the ‘hate’ gang’s whining found a sympathetic ear at Centre Parcs, which “therefore ceased advertising with the Daily Mail with immediate effect.”

Now there are other companies among the Daily Mail advertisers likely to be similarly pressured.

This hate-agitprop outfit should not be allowed to get way with its antics.

Best way to do that?

Apply counter-pressure, preemptively, if you know which business is being targetted, telling them to keep putting ads in the Mail…

…but also by hitting back at those like Centre Parcs which kowtow to the gaystapo.

Let them know you’ll treat them like the moral lepers they are.

Ring them up, politely –  01623821600  – 08700673000

–  because it’s not the humble staff’s fault.

Or, less expensively, email them, demanding a coherent explanation ( if they even try to offer one!) and tell them that their queer-crawling means they’ll never get  your custom.

And don’t just contact them the once!

Clog up their service centres, make their lives wretched.