Far-Left Bellen Brays Support For Biased State Media!

Rather perceptively denounced as a ‘green fascist’ during the election he narrowly won…

..   Van der Bellen

Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

…Austria’s far-left president, Alexander Van der Bellen, has rushed to the defence of media hacks paid from the public purse whom the FPO patriot party has accused of bias.

Displaying its own impeccable talent for partisan bias, the Leftal, sorry, The Local, their report whitewashes Bellen’s Enemy Within ideology by dubbing him a ‘liberal ecologist.’

Yeah, right.

The row arose after Vice Chancellor and FPO leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, made a series of controversial statements aimed particularly at the public broadcaster.    https://www.thelocal.at/20180217/austrian-president-warns-far-right-not-to-slander-media


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“There’s a place where lies become news – it’s the ORF” – that’s what Strache posted on social media about the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

Despite the constitutional expectation that presidents exercise ceremonial duties and not interfere in politics, The Leftal boasts that Bellen has already intervened to try to keep the FPOe in line more than once.

Keeping them in line?

Whose ‘line’ are patriots supposed to toe?

Bellen’s? Or the Berlin/Brussels line?

The EuroCommissars and their leftist satraps made no secret of their joy when Bellen won –

Sigmar Gabriel, the German vice-chancellor who leads his country’s centre-left Social Democrats, expressed agreement and heartfelt relief.

Victory for Van der Bellen and the left is a sigh of relief for Europe 

– and he has served them faithfully ever since.

I obviously don’t get to see ORF Austria’s state media, but have today been reading up on it.

“I can promise you one thing: I will … do everything to ensure that ORF is reformed, finally becomes a public institution, finally reports objectively and in a neutral way, and that the coercive fee is done away with,” Strache said…

The FPO has long argued that ORF has a left-wing bias. The main board that oversees the organization’s work is mostly composed of political appointees, and the government nominates some of those board members directly. The current director general, Alexander Wrabetz, is a Social Democrat.

Austrian far-right leader pledges to take on public broadcaster

Normal people everywhere must applaud the FPO plan to rid Austrians of the license fee albatross slung around their necks…

…and make ORF compete on a level playing field with media that don’t get to leech off the public purse.

As to the extent of bias, if ORF is anywhere near as downright dishonest as Germany’s state media…


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…or Britain’s…


‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

 …or indeed as Canada’s…

CBC bias – Immigration Watch Canada

…then chances are that Herr Strache is spot on in his criticism.

Good luck to him, and to patriots in every country fighting tax-funded Enemies Within.