Grow A Set, CPAC! Identify Anna, Rachel And Josh!

Last week we urged American readers to protest against the self-styled Conservative Political Action Conference’s victimisation of Mass Resistance.



CPAC approved, then, under pressure from gaystapo elements, disapproved, MR’s attendance at the annual event.

We helpfully provided the CPAC number…

Tell CPAC-“Don’t Crawl To Gaystapo!” 202-347-9388 -Tell ‘Em Off! 

…and, thanks to that and to many other real rightwing media who took up the case, the appeasement monkeys got a lot of calls.

Now we learn that some CPAC flunkeys answering those protest calls have indulged in wholesale ‘vilification’  – – caught on tape! – of MR’s pro-decency campaigns.

Three little sell-outs, Anna, Rachel and Josh by name, more than happy to bad-mouth MR, yet heedless of the ‘Log Cabin’ queer club currently embraced by the RINO in-crowd!


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So let’s root them out, name and shame them for their abusive and dishonest conduct.

There must be a few people left within CPAC not ready to go along with their leadership’s collaborationism.

It’s up to them to spill the beans and unmask those three, and maybe more of, the running dogs of the Enemy Within.