German Charity Cares For Germans, Faces Hate-Gang Rage!

So a German charity – Essener Tafel, a real charity, not a political agitprop gang like Amnesty…

Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

…felt obliged to declare last week it would from now on demand German identity papers for new clients because a huge migrant influx was displacing locals in need.

Quite right too!

But what happens next?



The charity is subjected to cowardly vandalism by pro-crimmigrant hoodlum elements!

Why shouldn’t people who give to charities hope their benevolence will benefit their own fellow-citizens.

Especially when, as the organiser says, many elderly Germans and single mothers were scared of an increasingly aggressive atmosphere as the number of foreigners using the charity had risen to three-quarters of the total.


‘Migrant’ savages storm Europe’s borders


Who can doubt that the man’s telling the truth, when he asserts that some migrant groups shared a “give-me gene” and did not understand Germany’s “queueing culture.”

Good news, though, that while hate-gangs may be targetting Essen Tafel, the AfD is speaking up on its behalf.

The patriot party has launched a social media campaign in defence of the charity entitled “If you fight back, you’re a Nazi.”

And their statement on the subject puts the issue in clear perspective, reminding everybody that every problem created by the alien horde is a direct result of Mama Stasi’s demented dismantling of the German border in 2015.



The charity “was not founded to deal with the chaos of (Chancellor Angela) Merkel’s refugee policy but to meet the demand that was already there”