Wanka! Put-Down For Anti-Patriot German Schools Minister!

Johanna Wanka is back in the news!

She’s a nasty old pro-crimmigrant Merkel fan, who hit the headlines while Mama Stasi was at her treason-peak…


…in 2015, when  hundreds of thousands of unvetted aliens were welcomed into Germany.

Only the AfD patriot party spoke out against the Berlin Bitch’s brazen dismantling of German frontiers, a violation even of the ‘asylum’ rules laid down by her beloved Brussels.

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But now?

Federal ministers must exercise restraint in disputes between parties, Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled.

Like her CDU fuhrerin, Wanka hails from East Germany, where she grew up under the communist quisling regime installed by the Kremlin after WW2.



That experience seems not to have inoculated her against abuse of power, because in The Year of The Horde, her ministry called for a “red card” boycott of the AfD patriot party.

Now Germany’s Constitutional Court has declared that, by issuing her arrogant, biased diktat, Wanka acted unconstitutionally – she breached the rule that cabinet ministers must be neutral in how they treat all political parties.

In other words, the ghastly ( now out of office) 66-year-old Wanka was entitled to be pro-crimmigrant if she wished, but using her tax-funded Education Ministry’s website for propaganda purposes?

And disgraceful incitement of anti-patriot demos?

No Way, Kamerad J!

According to DW, the AfD’s co-leader, Jörg Meuthen, said the decision…


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‘…should be a lesson for other government ministers!’    Germany’s top court rules against education minister …