Why’s Comrade Corbyn Reborn As Commissars’ Cur?

With Junckers’ rabid running dog Barnier having revealed his latest threat to British territorial integrity…

EU expects to govern Northern Irish trade after Brexit…

…we begin to understand why Jeremy Corbyn has flipped his role from  ostensible Eurosceptic to collaborationist.


Corbyn has never been too fussy about the company he keeps.

For all his attempts to gloss over his association with Sinn Fein/IRA in the past, you can see from the photo that he’s still not ashamed to be seen with the smiling scumbag Blood-Beast Adams.



Still, some people were prepared to overlook his foul friendships because they thought he actually meant what he said about Brexit.

Now he’s come (relatively) clean on his true inclinations, which are to keep the UK under the aegis of the EuroCommissars in Brussels.

There was some debate, many giving him the benefit of the doubt, arguing that he was just being another cheap politico, taking advantage of Theresa The Appeaser’s vacillation on Brexit.


Brussels has made plain its determination to split the UK. Brussels is openly taking the side of the expansionist regime in Dublin…

Brussels accused of ‘outrageous’ attempt to turn Northern Ireland into EU province by rejecting British compromises

..a sort of historical pay-back for Dublin’s refusal to play any part in the fight against the EUSSR’s spiritual predecessor, when Eire’s De Vakera skulked in neutrality until Hitler died, when the mangy skunk chose to deliver his personal condolences on the Fuhrer’s death.


Adolf and Dev, two of a kind!

Nor am I the only one to notice. I see there’s another piece about this – What are Jeremy Corbyn and Michel Barnier up to? –  just recently published – today, so having just got home, I’ve not read it yet.

Maybe it agrees with me, but that matters not!


Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

May has sold out again and again.

Chances are, despite today’s bluster, she will sell out some more in the weeks ahead, while the Remainer rats on her back-benches…


Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe


Ranting Remainer rat Kenneth Clarke


….the Soubrys and the Clarkes, will demand even more betrayals of democracy.

If she had any serious commitment to the Brexit cause she’d be devoting a little time to getting them de-selected by their local Tory party members…

Gambar terkait

…but when there was an opportunity to do that to another leftist ‘Conservative’ MP, not only did she bottle out but actually took an active role in rescuing the pinko bint.Theresa May blocked move to deselect Tory rebel Heidi Allen, 

So back to the question.

Who can Brits trust to represent them?

Some individual MPs are honourable, like Rees-Mogg, and others we have commended for their common sense in the past.

But as a party, the Tories are a busted lush.


Lots of problems, but if the alternative is to start over with another party, maybe best to stick to the party that, led by Nigel Farage, got Brits the right to vote for deliverance.



But it’s GOT to be a better UKIP thn it was. No more with-hunting of its members who took a stand for decency.

A clear commitment to referenda, not only on ‘Europe,’ but also on capital punishment and any other issue which…

…by means of a Swiss-style citizens’ initiative, a specific number of voters demand.

If Brexit is thwarted, the consequences could well be something like guerilla war, such would be the justified rage of the dishonoured majority.

A patriotic party as outlined above seems to me the only alternative to violence.