Italy ‘Gets Away With Murder?’ A Bad-Taste Headline!

Yes, my first reaction to’s headline –

 ‘EU Lets Italy Get Away with Murder 

– has to be a bit of a shudder, given what’s been happening in Italy since the crimmigrant horde poured in.

Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  



But sometimes one must shrug off the shudder.

==’s no way on our side, but their article ensures that the cat’s well and truly out of the bag.



It’s starting to look like a pattern. As a large EU country heads toward an election, Brussels dials back the political pressure, postponing difficult decisions that could roil the electorate and possibly favor Euroskeptic political parties. is hardly any kind of patriot or ‘populist’ site, so all the more telling its exposure of Brussels’ sly sort of meddling, a phenomenon which we referred to only a day ago.


MEDDLING! Deplored If Russian, No Prob If It’s Brussels! 

It provides chapter and verse on how EuroCommissars manipulate the timing of their actions to influence the internal politics of member-states – just use the link and see how the Lords of Misrule bend the rules, hang back from doing their jobs, to keep local collaborators in power.

The article conveniently lists no less than four clear examples, four ways Brussels showed unusual magnanimity toward Rome ahead of the March 4 election…viz.-

1. A new Dublin, 2. Clean air, 3. Food labeling, 4. Debt flexibility

– and explains in detail how Brussels has soft-pedalled its requirements on implementation, not on rational administrative grounds…

….but purely to avoid upsetting the Italian apple-cart before next Sunday’s elections!

Brussels flunkeys are quite shameless about they use their position to meddle.

Take EuroCommissar Pierre Moscovici, who…

…defended the Commission’s approach, noting that populist parties are continuing to gain strength in Italy.


Gambar terkait

 “What would have happened had we imposed a different strategy?”



Had they ordered their Rome flunkeys to toe the line, obey the rules, then angry Italians would have turned to those pesky ‘populists’ – who would have likely gained even more strength!

And Italy’s not the only example.

Ahead of elections in France and Germany last year, the European Commission waived off concerns over Paris’ fiscal discipline and gave Berlin a pass on controversial highway tolls.


Quite a different approach to the bullying arrogance Britain’s faced since her people chose freedom in the referendum, huh?