Another Video For Sunday Arvo – Highly Recommended!

My Sunday arvo video spot seems to be quite popular, so here’s another.

It’s all the more interesting because Channel 4’s loopy left Ms. Cathy Newman…

  • Cathy Newman.jpg

….behaved so irrationally in her approach to her interviewee, Professor  Peterson, that some wilder elements among his fans were provoked to make threats against her!

Or not…

This claim was subsequently investigated and proven to be a lie – she got criticised, naturally, but not a shred of proof of any actual threat.

THe Prof’s a sensible guy, who has challenged Turdo’s pro-freak law.

Peterson’s refusal to accept new legislation regarding the use of pronouns at his university saw some hail him as a free speech martyr and others as an enemy of the transgender movement…

But he’s also chivalrous.



To his credit, her tv adversary issued an appeal to the harshest critics to lay off.

Anyway, it’s bound to be a better way of spending an hour than mindless ‘soaps’ or biased BBC current affairs.