Swiss Patriots Take Action – But Against Whom?

As ever, The Leftal, sorry, The Local, seems to be hiding something, this time in its report on ‘citizen security patrols whose members sported red and white Swiss Cross armbands in central Geneva.

Needless to say, they define the unarmed patrols as part of a ‘far-right group.’

Résistance Helvétique (Helvetian Resistance) is thus smeared on the basis of their wish to ‘defend ancestral Helvetian values.’

How dare they seek to defend such values?!

The Leftal found one grocer who didn’t like the patrollers, but must have been vexed by ‘an Australian expat living in the area,’ who reveals that there are good reasons for concern about crime –

…there were “a lot of people standing around in the shadows and selling drugs..”


…he “would not be surprised”, he said, if there were people who were nervous about walking at night in the area.

However, despite admitting these disturbing truths, the Aussie no doubt redeemed himself in Leftal editorial eyes by adding that the patrols are ‘unnecessary too….

But he was honest enough to add that –

…the group are probably getting some kind of response from some people.”

None of those responsive ‘some people‘ are quoted in the report. Did the hacks not seek them out to report their views?

But the Australian’s final words to the far-left media outlet are significant, revealing what seems to be the true source of the problem.

“Maybe they are playing into people’s fears and xenophobia,” he added.

Aha! ‘Xenophobia!?!’

Which of course means concerns about non-Swiss activity.

SO! It’s not Swiss criminals who are the issue!

An indication confirmed by the organiser of the patrols, who asserted that, rather than worry about patriot patrols, people should instead fear the “dealers who stink of drugs from miles away,” Rouiller said, adding the police were not doing enough to deal with crime.

Given what the expat says, this has the ring of truth, and in fact the Geneva Police say that while Swiss law does not allow for the formation of militias, the cops are not lodging any objections, as long as the group limited itself to calling the emergency 117 number it was acting within the law.

Why doesn’t The Leftal offer us a report of similar length on the extent of alien criminality in Geneva?