A Huge Demo You Didn’t See On TV!

...a dense crowd carrying German flags and banners reading “you turned our children into sheep then invited in the wolves….” 


It was the AfD, together with a “women’s rights” group called “Kandel ist überall,” (Kandel is everywhere) that called the original demonstration, calling on supporters from all over Germany to join in the march – and come they did, from Bavaria, from Dresden, from Berlin…


As you see, this is no inflated story from a populist aka patriot blog, but from the leftist German state media – yes, DW again…

… you can spot their bias, with those inverted commas around “women’s rights” -as if that concept can only genuinely be applied to uptight celebs in expensive black gowns.

Kandel is a little town where a German girl was brutally murdered by a filthy Afghan savage…


Hasil gambar untuk mia abdul kandel

Abdul D ( no other name?) the alien beast who claimed to be 15 years old!


….described by DW of course as a  ‘refugee.’

The pig lied about its age – nearer 20 than 15 – but it was kindly treated by Mia’s family, who were as ill-advised to do so as she was to keep company with it.

Police failed to cage the swine when it showed its true nature and began to harass them. Then Mia was stabbed to death in a local supermarket.

There’s plenty of reports you can find for more details


But my point today is to let you know of the rising tide of protest – when the media report on pro-crimmigrant mobs in Italy out to prevent free speech for their political opponents as if they are simply ‘counter-demonstrators’ rather than masked Red Nazi Antifa thugs, there’s dissimulative coverage galore.

But when there’s a mass turn-out of German patriots assembles to honour the memory of a teen murdered by one of Mama Stasi Merkel’s phoney ‘minor’ aliens?

Oh, NB, the Antifa Red Nazis were out in Kandel too…

…raging at those who were demanding the victim not be forgotten.