Italy – With Salvini Ahead, Could Be Good!

Interim results in Italy show no overall majority.., and the unpredictable Five Stars in a key position.

But one great bit of news…


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Crucially, the vote count so far appeared to show the anti-immigration and euroskeptic party Lega, led by Matteo Salvini, with a higher share of the vote than Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

Of course decent people all over Europe wanted the patriot coalition to humiliate Red Renzi…

…and RR is down and out for now at least.


But the big concern among a lot of good people was that Berlusconi seems to be too cosy with Italy’s ( and Britain’s!) enemies in Brussels…



…and even wanted President Trajani of the Strasbourg Slug Assembly (aka ‘European Parliament’) to be his proxy prime minister.

Now that Berlusconi is reduced to junior partner in the coalition, the choice should become Salvini’s.

I hope he chooses himself!

PS – NB, I’m just pondering – early days yet with no overall majority.