Pro-Crimmigrant Lawyers…What’s The Greek For Yuk!

I was the only boy in my high school class who opted to study Ancient Greek – due to my enthusiasm for my hobby, archaeology, but I don’t know what the word for ‘yuk’ is.

Gambar terkait

However, it was what I said to myself when I read that some ‘lawyers from the bar associations of several Aegean islands on Tuesday expressed their opposition to the compulsory detention of refugees and migrants reaching Greece from neighboring Turkey…’

Hasil gambar untuk lawyers rats joke

=Hasil gambar untuk lawyers rats joke

What is so appalling is that these were lawyers from Chios, Lesvos, Kos, Samos and Rhodes

Don’t they know what sort of nasty ingrate savages they’re talking about?

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In Samos?

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And In Lesbos?

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And on the other islands?

They probably do know but seem more concerned about the crimmigrants than their fellow Greeks.

“We refuse to allow our islands to be transformed into prisons with the aim of stopping the flow of migrants to Europe.” – Anthippi Zannara, head of the Chios association.

Why the hell shouldn’t they be put behind bars, on the islands, or  on the mainland…

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…not to ‘transform’ the places afflicted by the swarm but to return both islands and mainland to the pleasant and civilised life that predated the mass incursions by undesirable aliens?


Just listen to this drivel from the lawyers’ Athens Vice-President, Themis Sofos, who bleats about how detaining the aliens is undermining their dignity


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Ah yes, that dignity on display up past the northern border town of Idomeni.