Oz SHOULD ‘Spy’ On Bloodthirsty Wannabe ‘Migrants!’

Dutton denies plan to spy on migrants before they enter Australia

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A word of praise must be in order for Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s pledge to explore “whatever means” to keep Australians safe.

That responsible stance ought not even to be news – it’s surely one of the main reasons for having a government, anytime, anywhere.


Only undesirables favour open borders!

But the SBS and other Oz Enemy Within media have got their pink knickers in a twist over the rest of his statement, viz. -that Australia was planning ‘covert’ investigations.

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If you read that linked story, you’ll see that one of his top officials allegedly suggested that but later at Parliament House on Thursday, SBS News asked Mr Dutton if the proposal could include covert operations.

“No,” Mr Dutton replied.


Dutton rejected the idea?

How come?

Oz has a large government agency called ASIO

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ASIO exists to protect Australians and their interests from serious threats to their security. 

So says their website.

So surely it should be given carte blanche to investigate, both home and abroad, anyone unsuitable to be a citizen of a civilised country.

.Turnbull government ‘considering laws to screen migrants before leaving home’