So Can We Trust La Garde To Tick May’s Box?

Many thanks to Leave EU’s Brexit Brunch, for culling shocking info from regional media, viz.

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…checks over whether EU citizens applying for permanent residency have previous criminal convictions will extend only as far as a “self-declaratory tick-box.”

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Ministers have confirmed with local Remainer MP Darren Jones that no further evidence will be required..


Has this disgraceful sell-out been designed by Theresa May to benefit the not-long-ago convicted creature who, inexplicably, continues to be welcomed aboard the platforms of the elite, Christine Lagarde?


Guilty! But French Foe of Britain’s Freedom Walks Free! 

As a cosmopolitan collaborator with the IMF, Lagarde showed her rotten face brazenly at Davos, and confirmed most Brits’ instinctive tendency to loathe her.

But May, who has by this latest revelation shown her absolute indifference to the day-to-day safety of British people, by giving a green light to Continental criminals to waltz in for predatory purposes?

Are there REALLY any UK voters who would trust her to defend their rights and their country’s sovereignty?

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