Enemy Within UK? Ain’t Just Eire’s 5th Column!

“I hadn’t actually realised I could stand,” says Ms Butler-Thalassis, a Greek national who is running to be a Labour councillor in Westminster…

Payback time

Britain’s EU migrants get a first chance to vote since the referendum

Watch out, Theresa May


This is not good.

The shocking story in The Economist underlines a key reason why Brexit is not just a wise decision democratically reached, but an URGENT priority – because it reminds us how aliens – not illegal aliens, not voter fraud crimmigrants…

“Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 

…but aliens who are quite legally on British soil, legitimately resident thanks to their citizenship of foreign countries which, like Britain, languish under Brussels rule…



…have got hold of the privilege of voting in British elections!

Not, fortunately, for parliamentary purposes – bad enough that Eire aliens have insanely been granted that boon by unthinking legislators – but in every local election.

No less than a million votes from EU nationals, that could easily swing election results, will be cast in just a couple of months.

..about 400,000 of them are in London, where nearly all seats are up for election and several councils are expected to change hands.

The Greek woman is married to a Brit. She could fairly easily have exchanged Greek citizenship for UK citizenship. She chose not to, and she’s entitled to choose, no argument.

But she’s now standing in Westminster, which Labour hopes to win from the Conservatives for the first time… https://www.economist.com/news/britain/21738379-watch-out-theresa-may-britains-eu-migrants-get-first-chance-vote-referendum

Westminster is a British local authority.

Only UK citizens should have the right to participate in its government. It’s not just that local councils now wield influence on national issues, like Brexit, with puffed-up, self-regarding blustards – like London’s Mayor – weighing in on national…


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…and even international matters, on which they’re neither  qualified nor have the legal authority to speak.

It is, in the current Brexit situation, completely insane. These foreign citizens are still foreign. They have not applied for UK citizenship, plainly because they identify with their own countries – not with Britain.


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Any decisions they take will not be guided by their perception of what’s good for Britain.

Or, more often than not, in material considerations, maintaining their privileged position in Britain  – which depends on EUSSR rule.

Their allegiance lies beyond the sea.   

It is simply WRONG to give them any say on how Brits are governed!