Uppity African Calls For AUSSIES To Be Deported?

A leader of Melbourne’s South Sudanese community has criticised colleague Richard Deng for his calls to “deport” Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton.

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Uppity Deng

Mr Deng, a spokesman for the South Sudanese Community Association, yesterday said the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister should be “sent back to where they come from

Whilst many people might not miss  Turnsteer, esp if he took his fanatic sectarian ‘Mufti’ buddy with him…

 Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

..this arrogant ignoramus Deng needs to be slapped down and if there were any guts in the government, the uppity oaf would be sent packing back to Africa.

His critic, Kenyatta Wal (who speaks for something called the ‘Federation of South Sudanese Associations’) is right to distance himself from the obnoxious buffoon.


Wal’s comments came as police revealed they had not made any arrests following a spate of brutal home invasions and street bashings last month.




At least Wal’s got a wee bit of sense, but even as he admits the source of the savagery, with a reference to ‘African youth crime,’ he spins off into nonsense.

… all Australians need to sit down together and talk about how we can ­engage with South Sudanese and African youth!”

The HELL with ‘engagement!’


What the scum need is not rubbish about any need to sit down together but some crystal-clear orders to the cops — round the culprits up at gun-point, lock them up, then kick the scum out of Australia.

If the round-up requires effective use of live ammo, all the better.

PS – a spot of dry humour?

‘There are no gangs’: African community leaders in Melbourne..