Arab Jew-Bashers Amok – At Berlin Tourist Fair?

Hey, Berlin’s looking more and more like the Thirties, scumbag bigots in odd uniforms, terrorising Jews!

Gambar terkait

Israeli Stand at Berlin Fair Stormed by ‘Arab Security Guards….

This time round, it wasn’t ‘Juden Raus‘ the swine were yelling, but ‘Free Palestine.’

Three louts from a security firm employed at the ITB tourist fair mobbed the Israel stand shouting “Free Palestine,” police said.

Good that the Berlin Police identified the three men and expelled them from the fair grounds.

And significant that the hoodlums had an Arab background, but disturbing that the cops did not immediately confirm this on Friday.

Most disturbing, though, is that there’s no further details, like, were the wannabe Jew-bashers charged with criminal offences, as they clearly should have been.



Were they immediately fired from the security firm, as they also should have been…



…and were their nationalities checked, and if found to be non-German, were they detained for deportation as undesirable aliens?