France24- Correct On Colombia Vote, Skips Key Cuba Truth!

Just watched France24’s travesty of news, and their deliberate bias shines though by the way they told the truth on Colombia’s election and hid the truth on Cuba’s.

The latter is, as always, hardly fit to be called an election at all, a mere coronation of what the even the left-lib UK paper The Independent admits are individuals –

chosen by government-linked organisations, based on criteria such as their “merit, patriotism, ethical values and revolutionary history…


– in other words lick-spittle scumbags eager to collaborate in the continuation of the one-party marxist despotism under which the Cuban people have suffered for more sixty years.

What ordinary people, in Cuba as anywhere, really think about communist scumbags was made perfectly clear in F24’s Colombian report, where, in defiance of a free and fair referendum result…

 Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy 

….the turncoat President Santos did a dirty deal with the FARC narco-red terrorist gang, awarding them seats in the legislature – even before elections were held!


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Now we heard, the actual democratically-contested seat are being decided, and virtually NOBODY is likely to vote for the vermin.

So how come France24 told the truth about Colombia…

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…but diligently hid the sick reality of Cuba’s rigged pantomime?

Well, rather than merely surmise, I went to a Cuban Communist site….



….to see if there’s anything going on that would make the French state media play down the evil and iniquity which pervade the imprisoned island.

And sure enough!

Cuban and French Officials Meet