Our Brunei Blog Mystery – Approval Or Indignation?

An idle morning here, just on my third coffee before I move out to the front yard sunshine awaiting today’s visitor, who is coming over from the far side of Jakarta,

So time to ponder a mystery.

Gambar terkait

More than one of our readers have drawn our attention to the ranking over there on the right – ‘Top Posts,’ etc. – which has, on different days, over recent months, shown various of my anti-‘gaystapo’ posts at the top of the daily list.

No complaints, especially since, when I check my statistics, there are often more than 100 hits, tons of readers looking at words I’ve written as long ago as two or three years!

But when I further check my geographical spread, it transpires they are ALMOST ALL readers in Brunei!

What’s going on?

Brunei is a tiny (albeit very rich) sultanate just next door to Indonesia, the country I live in…


Brunei is up there, just across the border, on Borneo (aka Kalimantan)¬†Indonesia’s largest island,


On Saturday, last weekend, about 170 people there read an old post –

– which looked at the ‘gay’ problem and featured developments in Scotland, England, Eire and Slovenia!

How come?

Are they sitting at their laptops appalled at my pro-normality opinions? Or are they instead delighting in my disapproval of deviancy?

Despite all those folks reading it, I’ve had no comments from any of them!

Speak up, Brunei!