If Brits Had A Leader Prepared To Stand Up To Bullies?


…67 per cent of individuals, regardless of their voting preference, agreed that “the EU is trying to bully the UK” in its approach to the talks.

Scarcely deniable, and all we need for proof of the accuracy of that perception is to ask what sort of ‘negotiation’ it is…


EU chiefs acting like gang leaders over Brexit threats


….that comprises one crawl after another from one side while the other side offers nothing.


It is strikingly reminiscent of how Hitler intimidated the leader of little Austria prior to the Anschluss.

Schuschnigg  was bullied and threatened because of his alleged intransigence….

The Origins of the Second World War 1933-1939


Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

And also, when we look at Brussels’ antics on Ulster, how Hitler began to support the demands of Germans living in the Sudetenland – Of Hitler, Chamberlain, the Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia – a minority among the Czechs then, who so closely resemble today’s Sinn Fein’s disgusting followers…


Hasil gambar untuk sinn fein Guy Verhofstadt
Anti-British Handshake – Sinn Féin boss O’Neill and Guy Verhofstadt

…eager to dismember the UK, to transfer not only their contemptible selves but their loyal British neighbours, to foreign rule under Eire’s hated flag.

The figures come after several senior pro-Europe figures warned that a growing perception of an “excessively tough” attitude by EU leaders threatened the appetite among British voters for future co-operation with Brussels in areas such as the economy, security and research.

So the bullying is not without great potential advantage to Britain! Nobody likes being pushed around, especially when it’s because they’ve acted perfectly within their rights. Brussels’ arrogance will surely rally more and more Brits behind the Brexit banner.

But for a country to stand up to its enemies ( and make no mistake, those EuroCommissar swine are neither friends, nor partners…



…but rather deadly enemies of the British people’s right to self-determination) then the prerequisite is leadership.

And that is a factor lacking at present, with THAT woman in Number Ten.

Not because she’s a woman – there once was a woman who’d have led her people to freedom and no mistake…



…hand-bagging every scurvy Europhiliac unwise enough to get in the way.

But because Theresa May is a gutless u-turning yellow-belly…


…a Remainer posturing in patriotic clothing, which in no way disguises her essentially effete attitude towards the battle being fought.